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AGP Ep 11: Ted Tencza—Deeply technical + Desire for positive impact = Formula for a great CTO

Ted Tencza is the CTO for Australia’s biggest and fastest growing financial and utility deal finder.
Ted started his career as a software developer and wanted to make a bigger positive impact. But he stayed deeply connected to technology and other skilled professionals.
Listen in to hear how this combination (tech + impact) supported his impressive career and accomplishments.

AGP Ep 8: James Lush—The death and rebirth of an industry. Long live digital media!

James Lush is the CEO of Lush Digital Media and a local radio personality in Perth. Listen to hear about how the media industry is undergoing massive upheaval due to digital disruption and how James is looking to the future. We also discuss Jame’s commitment to his values and how that shapes his role as a leader and everything his team does.

AGP Ep 7: Holly Tattersall—On thinking big and the importance of women in digital

Holly Tattersall is the CEO and founder of Digital Talent Co a recruitment agency specialising in helping companies find the very best Digital talent. She has also founded and grown the Women in Digital organisation who provide community, mentoring and opportunities for women in the industry. Holly’s grown the network now across Australia, and internationally in Silicon Valley, Toronto, Israel and Bangladesh!

AGP Ep 6: Morgan Strong—Geeks make better leaders, and vice versa

Morgan Strong is a consultant and digital developer for Gaia Resources. He’s an experienced leader with impressive accomplishments in digital design and transformation programs. But he’s currently happy being back in a more hands-on role. Listen to hear why, and how he leverages the experience of both types of roles to improve what he does.

AGP Ep 1: Beginnings—What is this podcast all about?

Welcome to the first episode of the Alpha Geek podcast with your host Andrew Ramsden. Andrew speaks with technical leaders about their leadership journeys, challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve overcome them. This first episode is a short monologue explaining why we started the podcast and what it’s all about.

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