AGP Ep 28: Mark Glazebrook—Girls invent. On intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship, and supporting young female inventors

by | Jun 13, 2017

Dr. Mark Glazebrook is an inventor, academic, and founder of Girls Invent who supports girls in schools to become innovators and entrepreneurs. Listen to hear how this movement is helping to shift the imbalances in the industry and how you can be involved.


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“Don’t give up the dream. It’s your oxygen”.—Mark Glazebrook
“Work with the energy and not against it”.—Mark Glazebrook
"Everyone is a leader if they choose to be".—Mark Glazebrook

Show notes

  • Mark’s links
    • Girls Invent
    • Use the contact form on the site if you are a:
      • school looking to get involved
      • parent to know more about how to get your daughter’s school involved?
      • business looking to ‘adopt a school’
      • business interested in the commercialisation opportunities
    • One of Mark’s inventions, the DOY
  • Take #100in100 Challenge—100 posts over 100 days while raising money for a great cause.



 Topics discussed

  • Mark Glazebrook as a founder, consultant, and inventor
  • How to live up to your values and passion for social responsibility?
  • How to drive change from within an organization?
  • Dealing with resistance, negativity, and difficult people when introducing new ideas
  • Girls Invent. How’s it’s supporting young women to get interested in STEM, innovation, and entrepreneurship?
  • On cultivating the essence of being an entrepreneur
  • How to get involved and support the movement?


  • “I’ve tended to walk into opportunities as if walking through a door backwards”. – Mark Glazebrook
  • “You drift and take opportunities as you go, but remember, there’s always a purpose to it”. – Andrew Ramsden
  • “Have a focal point of motivation that is more than just short-term motivators of fear or money”. – Andrew Ramsden
  • “Make yourself redundant”. – Mark Glazebrook
  • “Your values can be a source of alignment around those difficult decisions you make”. – Andrew Ramsden
  • “If I am doing good, what are you doing”? – Mark Glazebrook
  • “Shake the system up to make it work better for you”. – Mark Glazebrook
  • “Look at the problem as an enrichment opportunity rather than as a punishment”. – Mark Glazebrook
  • “Everyone is a leader if they choose to be”. – Mark Glazebrook
  • “Work with the energy and not against it”. – Mark Glazebrook
  • “Observational skills are superpower”. – Mark Glazebrook
  • “Be true to who you are”. – Mark Glazebrook
  • “To do amazing things, you just need to turn your hand to it”. – Mark Glazebrook
  • “Don’t give up the dream. It’s your oxygen”. – Mark Glazebrook

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