AGP Ep 29: Leigh Berrell—Maximise your impact. Get the best from others and support them to thrive

by | Jul 4, 2017

Leigh Berrell was a geek from an early age, interested in science and electronics. He has had an impressive career working his way from hands-on technical roles up to CIO roles over the past 10 years. Listen to hear how Leigh made the transition and his top leadership lessons.


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“To climb up the ladder, you need to put some of your baggage down.”.—Leigh Berrell
“A person who has never made a mistake has never learned anything in life”.—Leigh Berrell
"Focus on building teams rather than building 'things'".—Leigh Berrell

Show notes




  • “Balance is important simply because you drain yourself down without it”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “Balance in life makes you a more complete person”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “Welcome the freedom to make mistakes for nurture to flourish”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “Change your system into something you want to achieve”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “Strive to change your worldview and so with how the world views you”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “Leadership is fundamentally a sales role”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “Manipulation is not guidance”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “Place nicely and cooperate”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “Every day you come in is another challenge”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “Have a love of learning”. — Andrew Ramsden
  • “You can be very good at what you do and it doesn’t matter where you come from”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “Reshape the way you think”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “Put more weight to building teams rather than building things”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “A leader intervenes to make something happen that wouldn’t have happened otherwise”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “Learning about people is a compounding thing”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “Growth needs autonomy, mastery, and purpose”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “Everyone’s career is a climb”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “To climb up the ladder, don’t hold on too long on your extra baggage, you need to put something down”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “You need to make mistakes because you learn best from it”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “A person who has never made a mistake has never learned anything in life”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “One needs to pursue developing new success behaviors to thrive”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “Know what you should be holding on and what you should be letting go”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “Nothing happens without taking actions”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “Always have the courage and confidence to manage yourself”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “Life is a growth journey”. — Leigh Berrell
  • “Always give yourself something to be growing into”. — Leigh Berrell

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