AGP Ep 30: Karin Geraghty—Shifting the gravity from tech skills to people skills

by | Jul 25, 2017

Karin Geraghty is the Chief ICT and Digital Strategist for Department of Premier and Cabinet in South Australia. She has led many successful large-scale transformations in South Australia and shares a lot of wonderful insights about how to be a leader in that environment.


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“Without diversity of thought, you are painting in monochrome”—Karin Geraghty
“Have the confidence to ask questions, it is never a sign of weakness”.—Karin Geraghty
"Be a person first and a job title second".—Karin Geraghty

Show notes




  • “Follow your interests and curiosity”. – Karin Geraghty
  • “Create your own derivative”. – Karin Geraghty
  • “Make something that everyone can be proud of”. – Karin Geraghty
  • “Put aside the silos and work together to make something happen”. – Andrew Ramsden
  • “A journey isn’t always smooth-sailing but you learn from the more ‘hairier’ experiences”. – Karin Geraghty
  • “To succeed, one needs to be authentic”.  – Karin Geraghty
  • “Diversity is essential to be able to see your own blind spots”. – Andrew Ramsden
  • “Productivity is measured by creativity”. – Karin Geraghty
  • “Think about what you are doing while you are doing it”. – Karin Geraghty
  • “Life is like a layout of a page, you have an infinite number of ways to transform it”. – Karin Geraghty
  • “A good leader knows how to take a step back and reflect”. – Karin Geraghty
  • “Think going forward by looking backwards”. – Karin Geraghty
  • “Be a person first, and a job title second”. – Karin Geraghty
  • “A good leader comprehends they don’t have to know everything”. –  Karin Geraghty
  • “Always have the confidence to ask questions, it is never a sign of weakness”. – Karin Geraghty
  • “Have the courage to admit this is not my strength, can you help me?” – Karin Geraghty
  • “Understanding your motivations is knowing what you are and what are you willing to compromise”. – Karin Geraghty
  • “Leadership is the influence to change the way you see the world”. – Karin Geraghty
  • “Disruption is what happens when you are not looking”. – Karin Geraghty
  • “The greatest reward of a good leadership is seeing people come up to their potential”. – Karin Geraghty
  • “Your greatest potential stretches beyond what you are comfortable with”. – Karin Geraghty
  • “A leader will never succeed without their people”.  – Karin Geraghty
  • “The best leaders work with their people”.  – Karin Geraghty

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