AGP Ep 32: Kristy Simpkin—Women in technology—How to shift the culture towards inclusion for women and for the good of the industry

by | Sep 19, 2017

Kristy Simpkin is the Co-President of the ICT arm of Women In Technology who promote women in the industry and what we can all do as leaders to help address the biases and imbalances that are still present in the industry.


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“Trust is what drives people to work together as a team rather than as a series of individuals”—Kristy Simpkin
“Take the time to work out what genuinely motivates a person”.—Kristy Simpkin
"Inclusion is about so much more than just gender".—Kristy Simpkin

Show notes



  • One can’t do anything useful with the technology without people – Andrew Ramsden
  • Take the time to work out what genuinely motivates a person. – Kristy Simpkin
  • Real connection starts with the authenticity to listen and care. – Kristy Simpkin
  • Trust is what drives people to work together as a team rather than as a series of individuals. – Kristy Simpkin
  • People leave not only because of disconnection but because it’s the right thing for them. – Kristy Simpkin
  • In every journey, there’s always a closing but it opens everyone up for new opportunities. – Andrew Ramsden
  • One needs to move on for what is good for him. – Kristy Simpkin
  • Inclusion is about so much more than just gender. – Kristy Simpkin
  • It’s hard to work with somebody that is not like you because it takes effort but it is the right place to put that effort in. – Kristy Simpkin
  • Focus on the effort of making people bring all they can be. – Kristy Simpkin
  • Always have a duty of care. – Kristy Simpkin
  • To be more effective as a leader, be more centered. – Kristy Simpkin
  • Create a space where you can connect with people around you. – Kristy Simpkin
  • Always move forward in a constructive way. – Andrew Ramsden
  • Battle your biases by confronting them head-on. – Kristy Simpkin
  • To lead that change, empower a thing that is important to a person. – Kristy Simpkin
  • Don’t assume that what works for one person is going to work for another person. – Kristy Simpkin
  • Everyone is entitled to a different view of what is normal in this world that we live in. – Kristy Simpkin
  • Everybody is different. – Kristy Simpkin
  • Change happens from everything you do every day. – Kristy Simpkin
  • Be open on being authentic. – Kristy Simpkin

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