AGP Ep 7: Holly Tattersall—On thinking big and the importance of women in digital

by | Nov 15, 2016

Holly Tattersall is the CEO and founder of Digital Talent Co a recruitment agency specialising in helping companies find the very best Digital talent. She has also founded and grown the Women in Digital organisation who provide community, mentoring and opportunities for women in the industry. Holly’s grown the network now across Australia, and internationally in Silicon Valley, Toronto, Israel and Bangladesh!


Alpha Geek Podcast
AGP Ep 7: Holly Tattersall—On thinking big and the importance of women in digital
Alpha Geek Podcast AGP Ep 7: Holly Tattersall—On thinking big and the importance of women in digital

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"If you don't ask, you're not going to get it"—Holly Tattersall
"Identify other peoples' strengths that can complement you. That leads to greater opportunities for everyone"—Holly Tattersall
"There's no arguind with stupid!"—Holly Tattersall

Show notes




Topics discussed

  • Holly’s first business in Colombia
  • Techniques for recruiting great digital talent
  • The impact and mindset shift Holly had as a result of a mentor
  • Critical skills for the outsourcing economy
  • Women in digital, what’s it all about
  • What can men do to support women in technology
  • Cultural barriers around trust vs competency
  • Conscious and unconscious bias around diversity in the workplace (and how that compares in Australia)
  • The importance of self-awareness
  • Tips to women on how they should present themselves


  • 04:44 “I had a leader who said to me ‘A man who starts as a programmer and a woman who starts as a programmer at the same time, in a year’s time, the man is going be better.’”
  • 07:07 “I was very lucky to have supportive parents who said ‘look If you don’t go you will always wonder what it could have been’.”
  • 08:52 “It is the females responsibility to put the best version of themselves forward”
  • 16:53 “You can always train skills but you can’t train attitude”
  • 21:13 “Potentially women aren’t supportive of women in the same way men are supportive of men”
  • 22:44 “Women in digital is about helping women elevate themselves”
  • 24:17 “If men are championing the progress of women or the benefits of diversity and inclusion, it has much better cut-through than if a woman is talking about it”
  • 24:48 “Hopefully we can get to a point where we have people who genuinely stand behind this idea of equality”
  • 26:07 “It’s all very good to say we are diverse but you have to have the policies so that once the people are in the organisation they are heard”
  • 31:59 “It’s about approaching other women with a cooperative mindset and seeing the opportunity to work together”
  • 32:57 “Having self-awareness helps identify what you’re really good at and own that space and be happy for other people with owning other spaces”
  • 37:54 “On average, women aren’t making as much money in the SAME roles as their male counterparts”


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