Be a guest on the Alpha Geek Podcast

About you

  • You are a leader or influencer in technology or digital
  • You have stories and leadership lessons to share
  • You have likely reflected on your leadership journey and consciously experimented to improve over time
  • You would like to raise your profile, promote what you’re doing, or you’d just like to share and help others.

About Andrew

You would be interviewed by Andrew Ramsden, but on this show, you are the star. You are the Alpha Geek.

Andrew will guide the interview to try to help uncover your stories, leadership successes, failures, lessons, tip, techniques and philosophies.

Interviews can be in person or remote depending on locations and schedules.

Frenetically Answered Questions

Do I have to be a geek?

You don’t need deep technical experience, however, you have to be a geek for something… e.g.communication, design, leadership?

The focus here is on leadership, learning and lessons—which as it turns out, transcend technical vs non-technical leadership.

Do I have to be a CIO, CDO, CTO?

No. There are great leaders at all levels in the organisation.

You don’t have to be on the C-Suite to have relevant insights for us all.

Do I have to be a manager?

Nope. You might be someone who influences and/or leads others without direct reports.

You might be someone who’s been in leadership positions previously, but decided it wasn’t for you.

Heck, if you have little to no leadership experience, and you’re open to some on-air coaching, that would also make an interesting and relevant episode.

Can I promote my business / product / band / pet goldfish?

The short answer is: Yes.

The long answer is: Let’s talk about it, but unless it really doesn’t fit with the values of the show (specifically integrity) then the answer will be yes.

The process

1. Initial chat

We have an initial chat to confirm if the show is a good mutual fit and get to know each other better, 15 minutes.

2. Interview

We record the interview (in person or remotely), this takes around 1 and a half hours.

3. Review

You have the opportunity to review the audio and leave feedback if there are sections you’re not comfortable with, preferably within 1–2 weeks.


Times provided are a rough guide, but end-to-end this process should only take between 3-6 weeks.

4. Extras

We request a photo, interview release signature and anything else needed to pull together the episode.

5. Editing

We edit and prepare the episode then schedule it for release. This can take a couple of weeks.

6. Release

Once the episode is released you will receive an email notification. We encourage you to tell those you think will be interested in your interview.

I’m keen! Register to be a guest

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For a remote interview, you will need a decent microphone that connects to a PC or laptop.

The easiest approach is a USB mic like:

If you don’t have one, that’s ok, just let us know in the form.